Abstract Acrylic Paintings by Matt Relkin



Matt Relkin (previously on JazJaz) is a 38 year old artist and photographer, who is based in Brooklyn, NY. He uses acrylic to paint his abstract and surreal images on panels.

In his paintings, monstrously huge monolithic /geometric-shaped structures seemingly hover in space, or have sprung up in the most desolate of landscapes. We are given no clue about how these objects appeared, or in what point in mankind’s history have they been placed.  Some of the settings may seem distinctly North American — but is this on earth or an alternate dimension altogether?

The artist says:

I paint with the hope of inspiring thought and emotion in those who view my work, to reach some deeper inner-space within the mind, to touch on memories and feelings that might have been lost or forgotten, and ultimately, to bring myself closer to my fellow man through a visual dialogue with them. I want to inspire hope in others in order to show me where to look for it within myself. 

You can visit his site to see more of his works.

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The Dark And Surreally Beautiful Art of Rouble Rust



Marvel at these phantasmagorical paintings by Rouble Rust, a self taught artist with a passion for painting. For inspiration, Rust dips her paintbrush into her experiences, emotions and dreams, and conjures up works that are a hypnotizing blend of fantastical imagery and dark imagination. She says that she loves creating “fantasy fictional characters and storytelling images,” but all of which are still steeped in reality.

Rust adds that she is comfortable painting in both traditional (acrylics, gouache, watercolors, oils and more) as well as digital mediums. She has also been trained in graphic design.

You can visit her site to see more of her art.

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