Glow Fly

A lovely glow-in-the-dark tribute to the Firefly TV show, designed by artist and animator, Drew Wise. T-shirts with the print will be available on NowhereBad for the next 3.5 days.

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Spidey Eyes

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has been given a more sinister look in this fantastic t-shirt print designed by zerobriant, a multifaceted illustrator, graphic designer and photographer based in Cebu City,…

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Death by 12 Monkeys

This design is a mash up of the "death by monkeys" button in Toy story III and of course, the sign of the 12 monkeys from the movie of the…

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Ultra Cyberman

An "Ultra" version of one of the Doctor's greatest enemies! A Doctor Who and Ultraman mashup by Kal5000. T-Shirts are available at NowhereBad.

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Damsel in Distress

Illustrator kprojekt’s awesome t-shirt design pays homage to the pulpy novels and magazines of yore. T-shirts with this print are available at Nowhere Bad.

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Thunder Kiss 1960

With the strength of Body , Mind and Spirit this Luchador is hell bent on revenge. With a burning fire in his soul and a gassed up machine of death…

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Zombie King

If zombies became self-aware and created a post-apocalyptic world of their own, would a ‘Zombie King’ chain of restaurants be too far behind? An illustration by Create or Destroy Designs.…

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Raging Hand

For all those angry, rage inducing gaming moments! Inspired by the classic Santa Cruz skateboards "Screaming Hand” logo, Illustrator MEKAZOO has created this terrific t-shirt print. Available for $12 at…

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