30 Enchanting Pictures of Mushrooms, Toadstools And Fungi


Image Credit: Myriorama

For thousands of years, human beings have been fascinated and intrigued about mushrooms, toadstools and other members of the fungi kingdom.

The Aztecs considered certain species of mushrooms to be sacred, calling them Teonanácatl (“the flesh of the gods”). Druids and shamans coveted these fungi for their hallucinogenic properties, using them to enter a trance like state during their elaborate (and bloody) rituals. The consumption of certain fungal species, however, brought about a slow, torturous and painful death.

People in the ancient world alternately feared and revered these mystical qualities of the organisms, associating them with to the supernatural. Writers and storytellers still use them as literary devices to invoke the imagery of mystery, decay, danger and death.

Image Credit: Grant and Caroline

Beautiful Fungus

The members of the fungi kingdom straddle the vast gap between the plant and animal kingdoms. Though they closely resemble plants, they are, in fact, more related to animals. And unlike plants, they really don’t need the sun to provide them sustenance and energy. This gives them the ability to thrive in the most inhospitable of places. Many fungi also play the role of one of nature’s most formidable scavengers – by growing on, consuming and recycling decaying organic matter.

While modern science has unraveled some of the mysteries of these wonderful organisms, they still remain creatures of wonder to us. Their delicate structures, and often bizarre, yet beautiful shapes, make them attractive subjects to be captured in the lens of the discerning photographer.

Here is a small, but beautiful photo collection of mushrooms, toadstools and other species of fungi. All the images were released under various Creative Commons Licenses by their photographers.

Image Credit: Mollivan Jon

Kokako Colors

Image Credit: Myriorama

Bird's Nest


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