‘Fast Mercy’ Transforming Sculptures by Tomoo Yamaji


Fast Mercy (Gold/Blue)

Artist Tomoo Yamaji (previously here and here) is the creator of some of the most brilliant and unique sculptures, which can change shape, all without having any of their parts being removed.

The inspiration for his ‘Fast Mercy’ sculptures was born from the idea of a “highly agile bodhisattva,” a spiritually-enlightened spirit who helps people affected by the earthquake and the resulting tsunami that occurred in Japan, in 2011. The sculptures can be manipulated and positioned into two distinct forms; ‘Flying’ and ‘Humanoid’.

While the sculptures in the series may look similar to to each other, they can actually be considered as different avatars of an ethereal being. His latest piece comes in gold and blue, and is made from polyurethane resin and acrylic (just as his other sculptures).

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