Walker’s Dead

This Star Wars vs. The Walking Dead mashup tee, designed by artist victorsbeard, is available for $16 (for a limited time only) at NOWHEREBad.

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Zombie King

If zombies became self-aware and created a post-apocalyptic world of their own, would a ‘Zombie King’ chain of restaurants be too far behind? An illustration by Create or Destroy Designs.…

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Hang in There!

Aw, the zombies want to play with the cute kitty! An illustration by Isaac Bidwell. Prints are available here.

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An animated teaser promo made for Zombigotchi, a virtual pet game for Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Hell, Zombies have feelings, too (apart from the insatiable need to eat…

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Zombies – Typography Art Print

Titles of 978 movies, books and video games mashed into one terrific poster. Click here to view the poster in greater detail [warning: Flash required].  You can buy prints of…

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