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The New iPrinter From Apple

Apparently, the next version of the Macbook has a great new feature. An inbuilt printer! Yeah, it’s fake. But just imagine for a second if Apple could actually build one. They would have to probably call in the army to control the huge crowds of impatient fanboys rioting outside the Apple

Play Doom in Your Browser

I really don’t have a lot of great memories about the 90s. They just flew by in a blur for me.  I do remember, however,  having spent hundreds of pleasurable hours playing Doom, its sequels and other clones from id Software.  The game had great graphics (for its time), big,

Ubuntu B-Boys – A Short Film About Breakdancers in South Africa

Watch a short, inspiring documentary about the Ubuntu B-Boys - a motley crew of talented breakdancers from South Africa. Coming from some of the poorest and most crime-ridden neighborhoods in the country, the boys have managed to battle their frustration and anger by seeking solace in breakdancing. The group won

Floppy Disk CDRs


This “floppy disk” is actually a 200 MB blank CD from DesignBoom. Each CD comes with 5 labels in different colors. Unfortunately, the CDs are not compatible with slot drives, and are also quite pricey at $ 14 (inclusive of shipping) apiece. Floppy Disk CDR


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