Rogue One: 25 Pieces of Brilliant Fan Art Inspired by The Movie

Well, I watched Rogue One over the weekend and I just loved it despite its flaws and all! I guess a lot of artists must have felt the same way, judging by the prodigious amount of great fan art the latest Star Wars movie has inspired them to create. Here are a few select illustrations and artwork made by these artists which I have curated for your viewing pleasure.

Derek laufman

Rogue One Poster by Derek Laufman

shane-molina-darth-vader-print-final Darth Vader’, by Shane Molina


Rogue One Poster Ben Mcleod    ‘The rebel alliance’, by Ben Mcleod

Dont ever change stardust Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator  ‘don’t’ ever change stardust ☆, by Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator.

Rogue One pixel art  2016

Dark Side Rogue One pixel art 2016  ‘Press Start to Rebel!’, by Pixel Jeff


Stop Kyber Terrorism by Tom Miatke  ‘Stop Kyber Terrorism’, by Tom Miatke

Star Wars Rogue One by Laura Racero  Rogue One Alternative Movie Poster by Laura Racero


Krennic  ‘Krennic’, by Powersimon 


Galen Erso fan art  ‘Galen Erso fan art’ by Art by Mimmu


Rogue One fan art by Mathew Spurlock  Rogue One Fan Art, by Mathew Spurlock



Rogue One by Karl Fitzgerald  Rogue One screenprint by Karl Fitzgerald


K-2SO print by Simon Delart  K-2SO print by Simon Delart


Star Wars Rogue One by CodyOng  Rogue One poster by CodyOng

Galen Erso and Krennic  Galen Erso and Orson Krennic by shop5

ROGUE ONE by Phil Noto  Illustration by Phil Noto


Guardians of the Whills  ‘Guardians of the Whills’ by Darren Tan  


Cassian Rogue One  Rogue One illustrations for Movie Pilot, by Sam Gilbey 

rogue_one_by_noble__6  Rogue One by Noble—6


i for one welcome our new droid overlords  ‘I for one welcome our new droid overlords’, by Megan 

Sketch 114 Jyn Erso  ‘Sketch 114: Jyn Erso’ by The Da Imaginarium 

Rogue One doodles  ‘Rogue One doodles’ by Anafigreen


Star Wars Rogue One Poster Travis Ruiz  Alternate Star Wars Rogue One poster by Travis Ruiz

A rebellion starts with hope  A rebellion starts with hope’ by Grace Kooken

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