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Touching Strangers


Richard Renauldi paired up complete strangers on the street to take part in his ‘Touching Strangers’ photography project. His only stipulation to his subjects was that they had to be touching each other in some manner, while posing for the photographs. Though these

Around The World in 80 Seconds

Le tour du monde en 80 secondes was directed by Romain Pergeaux & Alex Profit. The stop-motion film was made by stitching together hundreds of images taken in various cities around the world. The project, inspired by Jules Verne’s classic “Around The World in 30 Days,” only took only 3

ARThood Selects – A Curated Art Competition


ARThood, the social networking website created by artists for artists, has launched a new contest called ARThood Selects. The theme of the contest is "Nomadic", and will be curated by Shamim M. Momin, a former contemporary curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Founder and Director of

iRetrofone Base For Nostalgia Addicts


Completely awesome handmade iPhone base. Individually cast and sculpted from resin. Snip from the product description: Designed to be compatible with all iphones (not included) and retro handset. USB plug (not included) can be used to charge and sync with a computer.

Video: Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch

Trust me, this is one of the best things you will see today. This amazing video was taken during the mobile launch program of Apollo 11, on July 16, 1969.  The clip is an HD transfer from the 16mm original footage, captured by Camera E-8 on the launch tower. According to

Poing Spiral Shaped Fruit Bowl


This futuristic-looking fruit bowl was designed by Ori Saidi & Dani Gassner, the founders of Studio OTOTO. Made of laser cut iron, the fruit basket is powder coated in silver matt and hand stretched to create its futuristic spiral form. The bowl

Anatomy Of A Tribble


The anatomical cross section of the tribble, a fictional alien life form in the Star Trek universe. If you didn't know already, all tribbles are born pregnant. [via Romulan Whore]


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